Nice day for a swim


For quite some time now there was no way to charge my iPhone in my living room and of course that simply won’t do. Today I decided to solve my poor iPhone’s energy woes with some DIY furniture, and after a few trips to the local Home Depot (I forget stuff a lot) I came up with this. 


The technique I used to create the drawings is called pyrography, centuries ago it involved heating metal rods in a fire and then scorching the wood surface. Today however, pyrography can be done with an electric soldering iron which is quite fortunate considering the only place I have to make this stuff is my tiny apartment.



The scene depicts a tiger perched above a pond waiting to catch an afternoon snack, it was inspired by my recent visit with Brian to see the current exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum entitled “Roaring Tigers, Leaping Carp: Decoding the Symbolic Language of Chinese Animal Painting.” We were fortunate enough to have a very kind and knowledgeable museum employee tell us about the history behind several pieces there which really made the experience quite memorable. 

I’ve made furniture in the past, but this iPhone dock was exceptionally fun to make and I wouldn’t mind making a few more. If anybody is interested in purchasing one I’d be happy to make one for you, just email