Pastries and Vinyl


This morning my roommate, Paige, and her boyfriend, Brian, took me to Shadeau Bread for the best pastries in Cincinnati. Shadeau is a small bakery in Over The Rhine that supplies many Cincinnati businesses with their breads and pastries every day. Luckily they open their doors to the public at the crack of dawn each morning so the rest of us can enjoy their popular pastries for next to nothing. After packing a parcel of pastries, Paige, her partner, and me each purchased a cup of coffee with a side of alliteration. Coffee Emporium was the destination, and my cafe au lait’s milk was steamed with the expertise of a discerning coffee snob.



After enjoying my breakfast, Paige was off to work and Logan joined me for some good old fashioned thrifting. St. Vincent de Paul had rather disappointing loot, but Goodwill in Newport happened to be home to a treasure trove of old vinyls I’d never listen to.


The treasures were rich and bountiful, but eventually the harsh truth would become clear to me. I had to make a choice about which of these albums to hang on my wall, it was even harder than Sophie’s choice, which if I remember correctly was whether or not to wear a bra that day. Luckily, through the crash prone magic of Photoshop the albums I bought can forever live peacefully together on the internet.


All in all, it was a productive day. I’ll leave you with this photo I bought of what I can only assume to be a group of women from 1928 learning how to use a newly developed device that would enhance their nagging abilities tenfold. It’s science!