Your neighbor, Fred Rogers

These videos are a wonderfully lengthy series of interviews of Fred Rogers from the Archive of American Television. I’m elated to know that someone captured this man’s life story on film, the result is nothing short of fascinating. It’s nearly impossible to listen to Fred Rogers speak without getting a warm and fuzzy feeling, listening to him speak for 200+ minutes is like having a Snuggie for your mind.

Growing up, I watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood all the time. So did my brothers, my friends, and most likely so did you. Mr. Rogers exemplifies the good natured and benevolent friend. For me, Fred Rogers is a moral standard to which I compare myself. After watching these tapes I was a bit disappointed to find that Mr. Rogers was a devout christian, getting much of his inspiration from the teachings of his church. Nevertheless, his message was so strong and universal that it still shines through. When I have children I will certainly play Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for them, and I hope that you will do the same for your own.