What I Wore Today / Bean Haus


Shirt – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – thrift

Shoes – Converse All Star

I was sick all day today and couldn’t even go into work, so I decided to dress a bit more comfortably. This is another picture taken in my attic, I love those patched up walls! As I write this I’m enjoying yet another iced coffee at Bean Haus, the cafe down the street from my apartment. Covington is only becoming more beautiful as fall begins to paint the trees around the historic houses, a short walk down Main Street is full of photo opportunities from the colorful leaves speckling the streets with orange and red.


The view from the private seating area on the second floor of Bean Haus is especially charming.


If you’ve ever been to Covington and haven’t visited Bean Haus yet, I highly suggest it. Today I decided to have an iced Columbian coffee but they’ve got dozens of different kinds of beans to keep me coming back until I’ve tried them all. The best part about this cafe is that they don’t even bother trying to be quick like Starbucks, this isn’t fast food coffee at all. Every part of every drink is carefully poured and mixed by hand – nobody is pumping chai concentrate syrup into your drink here. Best of all, Bean Haus will grind and french press any coffee you choose or freshly steep any of the dozens of loose teas spread across the counter. I happen to be off tomorrow so I think I’m going to spend the morning at Findlay Market taking in some more Cincinnati culture.