Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I Love Your Brain

There won’t be an app analysis this week because it’s the last week of my semester and I’ll be too busy frantically finishing projects I procrastinated for too long. Instead, how about exercising your brain by listening to my favorite astrophysicist-cum-comedian, Neil DeGrasse Tyson? The above video wherein Tyson explains the process of death by a black hole in a most hilarious manner is so far my favorite appearance of his, it’s perhaps the darkest comedy of all. Below, enjoy Dr. Tyson explaining the possible destruction of the west coast of North America by a real meteor that’s headed there on April 13th, 2036. The third video has Tyson explaining the means by which we might use a gravitational tether to deflect a deadly asteroid from impact, hopefully that’ll give you some hope after watching the second one.

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