His Best One Yet

From the comments:

The Pogo Effect- Listening to it for the first time, being completely mesmerized to complete emotional overload in a state of numbing euphoria. Listening to it a second time, and seeing depth, beauty and creative talent in it’s raw form of sight and sound. By the third time, you’ll be humming or attempting to sing along. Afterwards, you can’t get it out of your head. It’s like this with every new track release for me.

That sums up my experience with every track that’s come from Pogo, ever since the first time I heard his Alice In Wonderland remix. Now he’s traveling the world to remix the sounds and sights he captures along the way and his the first video to have come out of this project, “Joburg Jam” is the best thing I’ve seen from him yet. If you like what he’s doing you can help him fund his journey over at Kickstarter, he deserves it.