New site, new app on the way!

After two years of hosting a blog called Metropolei and nearly a year of selling my apps as Spacehip, I’ve decided to consolidate. Starting today my apps and blog can all be found at, and I think it’s quite an improvement. I do all of the programming, design, and sounds for my apps and I think customers will prefer seeing that it’s clearly a one man show instead of being masked behind a company name.

My semester ends in two weeks and then I’m diving into work on my new project—a game that I’ll be submitting to the Independent Games Festival student show this Fall. I’ve been working on the art in my spare time for about a month already but school has kept me too busy to create something good enough to show off yet. As the project continues I’ll be posting about my progress here, so if you’re interested make sure to check back or follow me on Twitter for updates!